CDC Austenson

CDC Austenson is a 2-row hulled feed barley with top grain yield and short, strong straw. CDC Austenson produces grain yields higher than Xena, along with high test weight and large, plump kernels. CDC Austenson is well-adapted across western Canada, and compared to Xena, has shown improved resistance to prevalent races of net form net blotch, spot form net blotch and spot blotch. This variety is particularly well-suited to producers seeking a top-yielding, 2-row feed barley with improved performance over Xena.

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AC Metcalfe


  • “Recommended” status from the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre
  • #1 malting barley variety in acres and selection

Malting Features:

  • Excellent malting quality
  • Large, plump kernels
  • Higher malt extract than Harrington
  • Better hull adherence than Harrington
  • Established domestic and export market demand

Agronomic Features:

  • Broadly adapted
  • Higher yield than Harrington
  • Height and lodging resistance similar to Manley
  • 3 days earlier maturing than Manley
  • 1 day later maturing than Harrington
  • Improved smut and net blotch resistance
  • Moderate fusarium resistance
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AC® Newdale

Great agronomics combined with excellent malting qualities make AC® Newdale the two-row malting barley demanded by growers, maltsters and brewers.

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CDC Copeland

CDC Copeland is the second major two-rowed malting variety grown on the prairies. Its excellent brewing characteristics combined with lower protein and enzyme levels, provides an excellent balance within the portfolio of malting barley varieties.

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