Knight Seeds invested in a seed processing facility at Laurier, MB in 1998. This facility, LaurEx Seeds Ltd.has upgraded its cleaning equipment to provide the utmost in seed conditioning. This gives our team strong credibility for markets locally, nationally, and enables us to ship certified seed all over the world. 


LaurEx Seeds Ltd. has an accredited chemical warehouse which allows it to provide all types of farm chemicals to local farmers. The vast number of hopper bins, large warehouse and well trained staff facilitates the sale of all types of certified seed, including canola and soybeans.

LaurEx Seeds Ltd. has recently added robotic bag stacking and pallet wrapping capabilities to it’s packaging line.  This facilitates the overseas export opportunities.  The addition has enabled us to clean, bag and load containers quickly. Our grain treating capabilities have also facilitated the shipping of treated seed overseas when requested.

Laurex Seeds mobile color sorter is a high tech piece of cleaning equipment that assists in extremely difficult contamination separations. This specialized equipment will be able to separate contaminants that may reduce the marketability of customers grain. This machine is most commonly used for removing ergot from rye or feed barley and wild oats from seed oats. With a capacity of 700 bushels per hour, the ability to clean large volumes of grain in a short time is there depending on level of contaminants.

Check out our robotic bag stacker in Laurier, Manitoba.