Knight Seeds has been in the seed business for roughly 40 years and are certified traceable seed providers with a “field to fork” philosophy. 

From Field to Fork

This past history of seed production has made traceability and segregation second nature to our business. Traceability of an individual crop has to begin with certified seed. This expertise has enabled us to offer traceability options to our seed customers and processors.

Knight Seeds has been assisting seed customers for a number of years providing options for their individual grain marketing. Knight Seeds has invested a lot of time and energy in developing some long term relationships with end users of various crop varieties. These relationships, coupled with our track record of meeting or exceeding quality parameters for these end users, has enabled us to expand some of these market opportunities for our seed customers.

The opportunities which we have brought to our seed customers have been predominantly production of yellow peas, milling oats, barley and fall rye. With the recent changes to the CWB, we expect to add wheat to our list of crops that we provide marketing assistance for soon. Knight Seeds will continue to be on the lookout for market opportunities for their customers with special attention being given to flax and organic crops.