Farm King Augers

In addition to our Meridian and Convey-All lines, we have added a Farm King dealership to the mix.  Although we have access to all the equipment Farm King has to offer, we are focusing mainly on the grain handling side.

Conventional Augers

CX Series

Farm King has their regular conventional line of augers as well as their CX series.  The CX series have multiple drive options available, as well as a hydraulic winch, mover, and an intake hopper.  Choose from either an 8″ or 10″ diameter, and your lengths of 41′, 51′, and 61′.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about this auger or if you think you could use this to double as both your truck loader and your bin filler.

16″ Backsaver

This 16″ auger comes in 84, 104, and 124′ lengths.  Whether you are running super b’s during harvest or if you are farming by yourself, any amount of minutes you can save unloading and getting you back to the field can be the difference in a tough year.  With up to an 18,000 bushel per hour capacity, the time you will save filling bins throughout harvest upgrading from a 12″ or 13″ auger will shock you.  If you’re wanting to see the price of a Teleswing option, not only will it speed up your unload times during harvest, but it can also save you on labour by making it a one person job.

13″ Backsaver

The self-leveling hopper on these Backsavers are a great feature for a bin filling auger.  Not only does the auger remain level, but it allows you to dump your trucks on uneven ground.  This scissor-lift auger can come with a variety of features like lights, hydraulic cylinders, winch, and/or mover, or an electric mover and/or winch.  This unit can come in 70, 85, 95, and 114′ lengths, but the most common model sold in Manitoba is the 1385. Looking for an easier way to unload super B’s?  Make it a one person job during harvest with the Teleswing add-on.

10″ Backsaver

These swing-away augers can be positioned on the right side or the left, depending on where you need the space.  This unit comes in 50′, 60′, 70′ and 80′ lengths.  Contact us today if you want to see some available options for this model.