CST 1550 Commercial Seed Tender

Would you like to speed up loading times?  This six compartment, stainless steel tank can transport both seed and fertilizer without any damage or contamination.  Not only can you unload your product at 2 tons/min, it’s now a one person job.  Save both time and manpower with this gentle and efficient method to load your product.


  • air ride trailer
  • tier 4 diesel engine
  • 6 compartments with 7.3 MT capacity each
  • 43.6 MT total capacity
  • epoxy/polyurethane coating
  • stainless steel slopes and gates
  • 20″ wide slave conveyor belt
  • 25′ long, 16″ paddle belt unload conveyor
  • camera package
  • weight scale package
  • LED working lights
  • internal cat walk
  • external ladders
  • 2 sightglasses per compartment
  • etc.