CDC Bethune Flax

CDC Bethune Flax


  • Consistently high yield
  • 110% higher yield than Norlin in Cooperative Registration Trials (1995 to 1997 Coop Trials)
  • Very strong straw, similar to McDuff in lodging resistance
  • 2 days earlier than McDuff,
  • More resistant to fusarium wilt than Norlin or Flanders

Neutral Traits:

  • 3 cm taller than Norlin and Flanders
  • Medium seed size, slightly larger than Norlin, McDuff and Flanders
  • 1 day earlier than Flanders, 1 ½ days later than Norlin


  • Yield similar to Norlin, McDuff and Flanders under late seeding
  • Matures 4 to 5 days later than Norlin under late seeding (but 2 days earlier maturing than McDuff under late seeding)