In 1982, Knight Seeds purchased a farm which had been growing pedigree seed for 30 years. During the transition, adherences to quality standards were carried over from the pre-existing operator. Since then, the family owned/operated business has expanded the retail business substantially.  Knight Seeds now has a modern seed cleaning facility, over 300,000 bushels of storage, a building which houses offices, machine storage, work space and a 100+ ft scale for truck and trailers.

Knight Seeds has been innovative in offering commercial grain contracts with its seed customers to end user niche markets. Our goal is to continue increasing our “gate to plate” contract opportunities for our seed customers as to enhance our clients’ marketing opportunities across Canada and internationally.

Knight Seeds, in tandem with LaurEx Seed Ltd. fulfill contract requests of either bulk or bagged shipments. Both facilities have modern, fully authorized seed cleaning establishments, and can provide the option of using a color sorter if desired. The addition of a color sorter to the cleaning facilities will enhance the quality and widen the range of seed export possibilities.

Knight Seeds carries an errors and omissions insurance policy which they helped draft directly with Lloyds of London. Due to the seed and equipment cleaning protocols, Knight Seeds proudly states there has never been an E&O claim.